Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome!

Happy new year to you all!  I'm starting the new year off by beginning a blog - appropriately named "Confessions of a Bead Addict"! Why that particular name?  I really, really like beads.  In fact, my bead stash has become so big that I simply must keep making jewellery for those gorgeous beads to see the light of day!  It doesn't hurt that designing and creating jewellery is something I'm passionate about, anyway, and would go quite mad without it =) .

I've been designing and creating jewellery for several years now.  I took the big plunge of opening an etsy shop last year,, and  I host one or two jewellery shows in my home every year. I've also made my first foray into selling my pieces at more than one Christmas market this year - quite a bit deal for this stay at home mum with a six, four, and two year old!  I'm working on slowly building up a following of my work, and a blog seemed like the next logical step to take (and I have to thank a friend for suggesting it.  I'd been idly thinking about it of and on, but my friend's confidence in me was the catalyst...and aren't friends like that wonderful?  Sometimes we need a little push from someone else to take a step in a new direction!)

You'll find here photos of new pieces, musings about designing, new beads, the challenges of creating pieces around small children who are just as fascinated with beads as I am (yikes!), and anything else interesting that may occur to me.  I will warn you in advance that in a previous life (that feels like a hundred years ago!) I was an English major, and I do really enjoy writing....and sometimes like to write quite a lot =) .  (Please forgive any lapses in spelling and grammar....the do happen more often these days, as my brain's capacity is taken up more with life with young children than researching papers!)

I'll leave you with a photo I'm quite pleased with...shot on a very chilly (for here, on the West Coast of British Columbia) day in November -sparkling winter snowflake earrings.

Have a good start to your new year!

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  1. Congrats Liona! What a wonderful way to start the new year...I look forward to learning more about how you create your beautiful jewelery and the pretty pictures that you take of them.