Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Pieces!

The mailbox has been a pretty exciting place recently - so many wonderful new beads to play with!  Here are a few of the new pieces I've created lately:

This was one of those pieces that practically made itself.  I love it when that happens!  The focal pendant is a stunning, limited edition winter bird by artist Erin Prais-Hintz.  The design on the body of the bird is actually polymer clay!  It's amazing what artist are doing with this medium.  This piece has already winged its way to a new owner.

Continuing with the birdie theme, here's a whimsical little piece with a lovely minty Moogin bead made by artist Mindy MacGregor (whose beads are amazing!)  and a polymer clay birdie by artist Heather Powers.

Now these darling little charm necklaces I really like!  I'm such a homebody that these little stoneware houses really appealed to me.  Each home has its own little garden of Czech glass flowers and a set of keys that are part of the clasp - so you'll never lose them!  I'm so happy with how they turned out.  My four year old son helped out with the photos.  He was quite taken with the red one (his favourite colour), so I may make a much simpler version for him when I can order some more of the house beads =)

And here is a lovely pink pair of earrings featuring a couple of gorgeous pink handmade lampwork beads by Donna Millard.  These are happy earrings!  (What is it about pink that makes me happy, I wonder?  Does it make you happy?  There are many, many colours I really like and am drawn to, but there's something about a really warm pink that makes me happy!)

I feel like I'm on a creative roll so far this year, which is great!  How about you?  What is your creative pursuit?  Do you find enough time to create what you love?  My challenge is trying to create beautiful things, photograph them, upload them, list them (when I get a chance) in my etsy shop and every so often pop over here to post something - all around a 6, 4, and 2 year old!  Insanely busy, but makes me appreciate my creative time all the more.  I hope you get a chance, however small, to do what you love amongst the busyness of day to day life =)


  1. Hello, Liona, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :) When my boys were small (four under seven y.o.), all I could manage was the occasional cross stitch... so good on you for making space for your treasured creative time!

    I adore those little houses and can barely stop myself from buying them all... I am guessing they are Szilvia Vihriälä's (elukka). I checked out your lovely shop and am now following you, as I see we share many of the same fave shops :)

    Have you thought of adding a Follower link here so we can catch all your post?

    1. Thank you, Monique - you clearly get where I'm at! Lovely to have your response...especially with this being so new to me.

      I would like to add a Follower link, but I'm such a newbie to blogging, I don't know how to do it! I'd love any advice from more seasoned bloggers =) (And I've found yours and have followed it!)

  2. I was going to email you rather than respond here, Liona, but your email address isn't on your profile (you can add it if you want). Or send an email to me... go to my profile, it's there. I'd be happy to walk you through any changes you want to make. Or just go to this Blogger help link:

    This is the layout guide from Blogger. "Add a gadget" is where you choose elements for your sidebar. The updated Blogger looks slightly different but the instructions appear to be correct. The gadget you want is called "Followers" and it is under "More gadgets"... scroll down to the bottom. Give it a try & let me know :)

    Just don't go nuts with the gadgets (there are hundreds) or they will detract from your blog content. OK, I probably need to clean up my own blog *TeeHee*.

  3. Thank you, Monique, that's a big help! Sounds like good advice about the gadgets,...I did find that, and added something I thought would allow people to follow, but I don't know if it has worked. I will add my email to my profile, too. It's such fun meeting other artist - they are pretty cool people, I'm finding =)

  4. Liona - welcome to blogging! I love seeing all these art beads!!! Your bird necklaces are beautiful, glad they found a spotlight on the Art Bead Scene.

    1. Thank you, Heather! It's nice to see that my blog is slowly reaching people. It's a learn-as-I-go experience, that's for sure! Thank you for the kind welcome =)