Saturday, 22 March 2014

It's Spring! Sort of....

It is one rainy and very chilly day here in Delta, B.C.  Hard to believe that the first couple of days of spring were beautifully sunny!  Still, that's spring for you....capricious.  Regardless of the vagaries of the weather, my designs have definitely taken a springy turn as you can see!

Here's a pretty spring bracelet in pastel shades of mint and pink.  This was also and experiment in asymmetry for me - one I'm really happy with!  House bead from elukka, and polymer clay birdie from tooaquarius.

I mentioned these gorgeous tulip beads in my last blog post - here's what I've done with some of them - lovely, colourful and vibrant spring earrings and.....

....a fabulous statement necklace!  I just love this piece.  It makes me happy to wear it! (It was a treat for myself =) )  You can find these lush, colourful tulips here: ekkaBoutique.  I dare you to find just ONE favourite colour combination - I found it impossible...there were too many gorgeous combinations to choose from!

Here's something a little more subtle, but no less lovely and springy...
.....a delicate pair of sparkling tulip earrings.  Aren't the lampwork tulips lovely?  These tulips are from IrinaS.  Her beads have an almost ethereal quality to them, and she makes many kinds of floral beads, which, as you might have gathered, is right up my alley.
This is a piece with another of Irina's beautiful beads...this time a large, hollow lampwork focal.  Some sterling silver bead caps and daisies and a cluster of Czech glass flower beads has turned it into a gorgeous springtime pendant necklace.  You can find it here in my shop: Glorious Spring.
And here's one of my doll necklaces - I've called her my cherry blossom fairy.  Her beautifully patterned dress in pink and white made me think of cherry blossoms, so I've adorned the necklace with clusters of delicate pink and pale green Czech glass flowers to give an impression of cherry blossom time in the spring. You can find these beautifully made dolls by Sally Sutherland here - SoulSilver  I have such fun working with Sally's unique creations - she creates dolls in so many different patterns, colour combinations, and, well, personalities! - that it's hard to stay away from her shop!

Last one for this post!  I've used a focal bead from another favourite artist of mine, Mindy MacGregor of mooginmindy.  Mindy's beads are tiny canvases of amazingly intricate designs and eye catching colour combinations.  I have several more of her creations in my stash just waiting to be featured in  new, one of a kind pieces!  I've said before that her beads are a joy with which to work, and it's true!  They are happy beads, I do think.  This particular piece is just made for spring...daffodil yellow, lilac purple, and plenty of lovely floral beads.

I think you might have guessed that I rather like spring....=)  For my next post (which will arrive much sooner than this one did!) I have some beads from my stash I'd like to share with you for more spring enjoyment!


  1. Beautiful jewellery and wonderful spring colors! Great work Liona!

  2. Thank you, Irina =) I'm looking forward to creating with the new batch of beads that arrived from you the other day!

  3. Lovely designs, Liona :) Splurging on art beads is SO worth it :)

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, Monique =) In fact, I'm off to a bead show this weekend! What fun =)

  4. Great blog Irina. Wish I could keep my blogs up.

  5. very colorful and interesting- keep up the good work!