Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer time....and the living is...busy!

Well, it is with kiddos, that's for sure!  I had planned to write a post all about colour - how much I'm inspired by colour; what different colours mean for me; finding out what colours interest you...but it's been a busy day, so I'm going to do the sensible thing and store that idea for a little later.  Between swimming lessons, visits with friends, a two year old who still naps, and keeping five and seven year old brothers busy,  there's little time for blogging.

However!  I do still manage to get things made here and there, so instead of my colour post (which I do promise to get back to, because it should, I hope, be interesting!), I'd like to show you some of the sea themed pieces I've been up to.

I love the beach (I don't know anyone who doesn't, I have to say...), and I've always liked beach themed things.  Needless to say, this does influence my jewellery making, especially this time of year!  So here is what I've been up to...

Sea charm necklaces!  I really like how these turned out.  Nothing too big or heavy  - that's not such a good idea in hot weather - just very pretty and fun.  You can find them here in my etsy shop.

Same idea of a sea themed charm necklace using ivory coloured sand dollar beads in these versions. You can find them here! I purchased both of these beautiful seaside sets of beads from artwithheart.
This one is a little more dramatic - much more of a statement necklace.  It features a beautiful mermaid-with-swirling-hair focal bead by Sally Sutherland (SoulSilver) to which I've added crystal, Czech glass, and sea charm chain dangles, as well as wire wrapped Venetian glass coins in vivid teal and turquoise.  I've even used a seashell toggle clasp!  (I love little details like that....)
I seem to be on a chain dangle kick....I love the motion it adds to a necklace.  This is a gorgeous focal from Moogin Beads.  I've had it in my stash for ages, and then it finally dawned on me that it really is kind of sea theme in colour - and huzzah!   - I came up with the design for this lovely necklace!
Apart from seashore themed pieces, I've also been making some lusciously colourful summer goodies!  I just love this one - a bright citrusy orange moogin bead along with several fun  fruit slice dangles from tooaquarius.

And this fabulous piece!  I could not resist this summery hot air balloon moogin bead...and the gorgeous orange Czech glass beads and the turquoise Czech glass flowers were the perfect additions to a fabulously colourful summertime necklace.

I've been up to plenty more, but I don't want to make this post novel length!  You can check out my other work on my facebook page.  For now, I'll leave you with a few links to some of my favourite shops for sea themed goodies, amongst others!

Stephaniebeads Lampwork Starfish Set
Gorgeous, aren't they?  My first purchase of lampwork beads (and the beginnings of a bead addiction!) was from Stephanie Dieleman.  Her sea themed beads are still some of my favourites.
Starfish Charm Collection Antique Silver Tone 10 Charms - COL255
And BohemianFindings is a favourite for charms of all kinds, including these lovely starfish!

SummerWindArt is a new one to me, and I've just made my first purchase from this shop of beautiful polymer clay beads and pendants.  I'm excited to receive the gorgeous goodies I ordered!
Starfish Pendant Bead Set Turquoise and Coral Handmade Porcelain
Here's a beautiful set of ceramic beads from Bo Hulley.  I have a similar set in my stash, and I'm sure whatever I dream up with for them will turn out to be just lovely - I mean, how can you go wrong with such gorgeous beads?

Pacific Sea Star Earrings; seashore earrings; starfish earrings; beach earrings; summer earrings; green earrings
The last link I want to share with you is for BobbiThisnThat (the shop is closed for a few days as I type, but will be open again soon).  This shop is my go to source for Czech glass beads of all kinds of shapes and sizes, including the beautiful green ones you see here in my earrings, as well as the vivid orange beads and the turquoise flowers I used in the hot air balloon necklace above! Do go and check it out - there are so many beads to choose from!

On that note, I'll leave you to carry on enjoying your summer =)


  1. Positively gorgeous pieces Liona, I love them! And great pictures too!
    Thanks so much for the mention (I'll be back open Monday - our youngest got married this weekend!!:)

    1. How exciting for you! That must have been a lot of fun. I hope you got some relax time in there somewhere, too =) Thanks for having a look! I really like being able to share with other people the shops from which I love to buy beads - I enjoy seeing other people's recommendations on other blogs, and I thought it was about time I did some recommending myself!