Thursday, 13 November 2014

Well, Hello!

So where have I been and what have I been doing?  Well, once school started, life seemed to go in fast motion.  We have one in grade two, one in Kindergarten, and one in preschool, and all the organizing and scheduling of life during school makes for pretty packed days and no time for writing.  Still, while it's a bit dusty around here, I haven't been idle craft wise!

One of my newest ventures is polymer clay.  Now, I'm a complete beginner, and I haven't a whole lot of time to work with it (the three reasons being my sons and daughter!), but I've tried out a couple of projects:

The pumpkins became pendants for Halloween necklaces for my children. The rest are attempts at creating some winter pendants.  I'm learning a lot as I go, so I can only get better from here (I hope!).

Of course, I've been creating lots of fall pieces of jewellery, too.  Fall is such a lovely season...I love the changing colours of the leaves, the somewhat unpredictable weather, cozy evenings listening to the rain (and it rains a lot in our corner of B.C. in the fall...)'s a season that makes me really happy.
These stoneware pendants by Bo Hulley are perfect for some fall themed jewellery - though I'd have to say with these necklaces, I think you could get away with them in the spring,too!

Naturally, I had to come up with a fall themed necklace using one of Sally Sutherland's  doll beads.
This little pumpkin fairy is such fun!
I've had a lot of fun incorporating pretty copper leaf charms in several necklaces.  I really like this little acorn necklace with its leaf charm dangles.  The acorn is another one of Bo Hulley's creations.
Another leaf charm dangle necklace, this time using one of Helen Chalmers' colourful and intricately decorated lampwork beads.   I like these ones because it's a way of wearing a beautiful, handmade art bead that's not too big or bold if that's not what you prefer.
Aren't these pretty?  These Czech glass pansy beads are just lovely, and they come in all kinds of colours.  I've been using them in lots of earrings and several necklaces.  I get these little lovelies from my favourite Canadian source for Czech glass beads.

Now it's on to winter and Christmas jewellery....I love making earrings for this time of year.  Two of my favourites are these crystal Christmas trees and crystal snowflakes.  They are just dazzling, and always popular!

 I like these ones, too.....I call them Christmas bauble earrings mainly because the larger beads are round, but you can easily wear these throughout fall and winter.

 This one is fun. I really like designing necklaces with lots of dangles.  This one feels Christmas-y without going too over the top and making it unwearable for the rest of the winter!  I don't create too many pieces that are totally Christmas-y, but there will definitely be a few.
Here are two necklaces with a couple of nature inspired pendants from SummerWindArt.  This shop has become one of my favourites for beautiful polymer clay pendants.  There are so many to choose from!

Now, since I wrote the first part of this blog (the benefits of being able to save and work when you have time!) I've taken a tutorial to learn how to make beautiful polymer clay bon bon beads.  This tutorial was created by Heather Powers,  If you're beady, you'll probably know who I'm talking about.  If you aren't,  she's a very talented artist of polymer clay beads, and as well as making all kinds of beautiful beads, she also develops tutorials for those of us wanting to learn about polymer clay but may not know how to start.

As soon as I came across the information about the tutorial on her blog, I signed up!  I cannot tell yo how excited I am to have learned how to make these gorgeous beads!  Heather's photos are really enticing, and the images of her own bon bon beads had me hooked.  These ones are my first attempt (and I'm pretty pleased with them!) - they still need painting and sanding.

You can bet I'll have more of these made in the near future.  The colour possibilities are endless, and practice makes perfect!  

As always, you can keep up with my jewellery making adventures on my facebook page, which I keep updated on a MUCH more regular basis!

How have the last few months been treating you?