Thursday, 19 February 2015

When's Spring?

After a grey, wet, and dull January and February (please let's have some sun soon?) it's time to get some colourful pieces in the shop!

What's spring without tulips?  This vibrant purple and green necklace is in the shop, and this beautifully springy pastel necklace will be in there soon!
Next up, three seasonally inspired wire wrapped bracelets for spring, summer and fall.

Spring means birds, too!
I just love this bright and cheerful Poppy Birdie necklace.  I'll be sorry to see it go....
...along with this gorgeous Spring Pod Bead necklace.  I mean, does that say "spring," or what?
Here's one that has yet to make it into the shop (I need to schedule a photography if the weather would just co-operate and give me some good light!)  Meet Eloise the Elephant!

What are your spring plans?  Are you madly creating new spring pieces?  Are you perusing plant and seed catalogues?  (I sure am!)  Or are you just praying for winter to end?  On that note, let me leave you with a few cheerful photos that say, "Spring is on the way!"